Training “is what we already think we know which prevents us from learning new things” Claude Bernard (French physiologist).

Umbria Training Center is a training agency accredited with the Region of Umbria for vocational and higher training (code 0015). UTC develops plans for schools, associations, companies and public and private organisations through specific services and makes use of a team of experts, consultants, and a network of national and international partners. The UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification guarantees the quality of the training and is obtained from the Bureau Veritas for research, programming and management of training, career guidance, advanced training for integrated international programmes. The ISO system is characterised by being completely integrated with the company’s information system, and is used by all the collaborators for managing, in a shared and transparent manner, the various phases of the programmes. Training can be customised based on the needs of the client, while considering the sectors of interest, the organisational structure and the development strategies. Training implementation takes into account the practical and logistical needs of the organisation (duration, division into modules, location, etc.). In recent years UTC has held customised training programs for a wide range of organisations and professional associations.

In particular, UTC is involved in:

  1. Educational support, individual and group support. A study support system has been active since 2008. It is aimed at primary and secondary school students. The service is managed by a team consisting of a pedagogical coordinator, tutors specialised in different subjects, a psychologist trained in analysing educational and training needs and problems, as well as in helping children and young people with learning disabilities. Activities take place in different rooms for scientific, humanities and linguistic subjects, from Monday to Friday, 3 pm to 7 pm. The staff has many years of teaching experience and the necessary skills and professionalism. The following courses are available: Scientific and Technical Area: Mathematics for Scientific School, Mathematics for Technical School, Chemistry, Business Administration, Accounting, Law, Topography, Building Science, Electronics, Systems and Nutritional Science. Humanities: Italian, Latin, Greek, History and Philosophy. Linguistics: English, French, German and Spanish. Educational support activities are integrated with the scholastic institutes in accordance with Ministerial Order n. 92/2007 and subsequent modifications. The service has been provided privately and to the students of the IPSSART “G. De Carolis” Boarding School in Spoleto since 2011, to students of the IPSIA Professional Institute in Spoleto (2012-2013), and to the students of the INPS (ex-INPDAP) Boarding School in Spoleto from 2008 to 2011.
  2. Standard training courses
  3. Training courses which use national Joint Interprofessional Funds for vocational training are associations promoted by Trade Unions through specific Inter-Union Agreements stipulated by the largest national trade union organisations of employers and workers.
  4. Vocational training programmes for professional associations in accordance with DPR 7 August 2012, n. 137 
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