Towards a reciprocal recognition of quality assurance systems in VET for Tourism - Qual VET

Action: Leonardo Da Vinci strategic partnership

Action: Leonardo Da Vinci strategic partnerships

The lead partner of the  QualVET code 2012-1-RO1-LEO04-22751_2 project is the Babes-Bol Tourism University (RO) training centre.

The goal is to evaluate the quality assurance policies for professional training in the tourism sector by analysing the mechanisms used in other European countries.

Quality assurance is one of the main objectives of training agencies in Romania, as professional training has gained prominence as an alternative to academic training. The partnership will certainly take into account the differences in quality assurance that are inherent in education and training. The project will tackle the problem of assuring teaching quality, as it constitutes, along with content, methods and teachers, a key factor in student performance.

Project results: research on quality assurance (national systems, institutional systems), a common ‘internationalised’ quality assurance mechanism for training in the tourism sector, quality assurance strategies for each project partner, a conference, and a final volume.

Project partners include:

-Centre for training in Tourism Babes-Bolay University, Romania – Lead partner

-Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania, Greece

-Mugla Ticaret Meslek lisesi, Turkey

-Tarsus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Turkey

-Umbria Training Center, Italy

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