The Sectoral Operational Programme Human Resources Development (POS DRU) establishes the fundamental principles and the main intervention sectors of Romania in the field of human resources with the goal of fulfilling EU funding through the European Social Fund, as part of the “Convergence” goal for the programming period 2007-2013. The main goal of POS DRU is to develop resources and increase competitiveness by linking education and lifelong training with the labour market and ensuring future participation in a modern, flexible and inclusive labour market for 1.650.000 people.

The specific goals can be summarised in the following manner:

Promote quality education and vocational and initial training including higher education and research;

Promote an entrepreneurial culture and improve work quality and productivity;

Improve employment opportunities for youths and the long-term unemployed;

Develop a modern, flexible and inclusive labour market;

Promote reintegration into the labour market of unemployed people, including those in rural areas;

Improve public employment services;

Improve access to education and the labour market for vulnerable groups.

The ESF in Romania is attempting to reach the main goal, as well as the specific goals, in the field of development and human resources by providing a significant contribution to the implementation of the European Employment Strategy and to the general goal of economic and job growth.


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