Bacau Egalitate

innovation erasmus plus european partner project education training school work wbl eqf icf mobility romania bulgaria
innovation erasmus plus european project partner education training work school romania bulgaria wbl eqf mobility icf

"Egalitate de sanse a grupurilor vulnerabile pentru accesul la educatie si pe piata muncii”

“Equal opportunity for vulnerable groups in gaining access to education and the marketplace

This programme is particularly important as it is in line with the main European “Europe 2020 Strategy”. The programme works towards the national goals established in the “National reform programme 2011-2013” and is in application of the guidelines for promoting an increased labour market participation. The programme promotes the social inclusion of vulnerable groups of people and equal opportunities between men and women, people with disabilities, Roma people, etc.

The goal is to promote and achieve equal opportunities for people with disabilities, Roma people and young people who are not in school, in gaining access to education and employment in the north-east region.

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