The ESF-funded Learning Network on Transnational Mobility Measures for Disadvantaged Youth and Young Adults (TLN Mobility) is a partnership among 15 member states and regions of Europe that combats youth unemployment through transnational mobility. The goal is to integrate the participants into programs that involve studies, training and work. Knowledge, skills and competencies are improved with learning experiences during work stays abroad. It is an important tool for implementing EU policies that combat youth unemployment and is based on an agreement between Member States and partner regions for the implementation of youth mobility ESF activities.

The goal of TLN mobility is twofold:

1. Improve employment opportunities for disadvantaged youth and adults in training through transnational mobility;

2. Promote transnational cooperation through the ESF by creating a coordination model for transnational and national actions which can be applied to future ESF intervention areas.

TLN Mobility partners include Germany, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Sweden and Spain.


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