Establishment of a cooperation model to support the development of human resources in the field of tourism

The main goal of the project is supporting the development of human resources and the transfer of good practices in the tourism sector.

Specific goals:

- establish a foundation from which to improve personnel qualifications and employment opportunities in the local tourism sector;

- establish a network of partnerships between Italian and Bulgarian organisations on the matter of developing human resources in the tourism sector;

- exchange knowhow and experience during tourism sector personnel training;

- develop policies for employment in the local tourism sector.


- Analysis of tourism sector requirements in relation to personnel qualifications for social inclusion of disadvantaged people.

- Roundtable discussion on the results of the requirement analysis;

- Study visit in Italy for the purpose of sharing experiences;

- Restitution workshop after the study visit in Italy;

- Creation of a strategy for the development of human resources in the local tourism sector;

- Roundtable discussion on the human resource development strategy;

- Information and advertising activities.

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