The EuPROSkillS project raises in the context of the European Development Plan of the Vocational Educational Training Centers of the Umbria Region, and from the need to improve the quality of traineeships, in line with the Framework Agreement and to pursue the guidelines of the strategic framework "Education and Training – ET 2020"

It promotes the directives of the conference “WBL 2020” of the NetWBL Network, which took place in Berlin on 28/06/2016–“Countries with a strong professional and educational training system, with settled apprenticeship systems, are going to be stronger in terms of youth employment”.
The National Consortium will use tools of the Work-Based Learning Toolkit platform. The project is built on the basis of the priority 2–"Partnerships for WBL learning.." of the European priorities for education and vocational training relevant for the Italian national context. The proposal satisfies the request of more inclusive and welcoming VETCs to the students with fewer opportunities and special needs, and is in line with the priority 1-"Social inclusion" of the European horizontal priorities for 2018.

The GENERAL OBJECTIVE is to contribute to the internationalization strategy of the Umbria Hotel and Agricultural VETCs, and to improve the WBL and Dual-Training System policies, promoted by the Umbria Region and the National Consortium, in order to increase employability for "all" learners in international and local companies, which were damaged by the economic crisis and by the recent earthquakes, giving new competencies to the trainers and social educators.

The project involves 176 beneficiaries and 62 organizations. The NC promotes mobility in the ECVET context and has stipulated 6 MoU with the hosting companies, within the framework of 5 qualifications, of the 100 VET SHORT Learners, and 2 Bilateral Agreements for the VET PLONG Learners (ErasmusPRO) The NC is composed by 4 “Local Training Districts”, each formed by one VETC and a Trade Union, supported by the Umbria Region, the Regional School Department, the Chamber of Commerce and the UJ Media Partner. The City of Spoleto coordinates the initiatives of promotion of the Cultural Heritage.

The INTERNATIONAL NETWORK is composed by 6 VET Hosting Agencies, a University and a NGO for youth unrest, located in ES, BG, UK, DE, GR e CY, and by 47 Enterprises in the tourism, environment and culture sector.

The PARTICIPANTS are: 100 Students from the 3rd and 4th high-school grade for 2 months internships, 20 Students from the 5th high-school year for 6 months internships, among them, there are going to be 30 places reserved for students with fewer opportunities or injured in the earthquake, 15 with special needs SLD/SEN and 4 with higher disabilities, 20 Teachers/trainers in CLIL-Training for the sectors of tourism and culture, educational innovation and WBL, 10 Educators/Learning Support Teachers in training for the sector of school inclusion of disadvantaged students, 24 Tutors.


1) To realize a WBL experience abroad, in order to develop new basic, technical-specialized and EU-Citizenship skills, meant to increase the employability of learners,
2) To develop staff competencies, useful to make innovative curricula in English, useful to the realization of an inclusive school for everyone,
3) To improve the quality of Local Training Districts, focussing on the effectiveness of the Dual-Training System.

The preparatory ACTIVITIES will involved STUDENTS, PARENTS, TRAINERS, TUTORS AND EXECUTIVES, and will be opened to the members of the NC. Linguistic enhancement, professional and cultural orientation will be carried out. STUDENTS mobility will be 60 days long, will be monitored by company tutors, will be evaluated through ECVET system and certifies through Europass Mobility. The ECVET credits will be transferred on the curriculum. The ERASMUSPRO STUDENTS will have the possibility, after 180 days, to get the Cambridge B1 PET certification. The STAFF mobility will last 14 days and will treat CLIL methodologies, WBL, and best practices in school inclusion.



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