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Staff in VET often lacks the skills and tools to address the career needs of learners. This was evidenced in recent projects implemented by the partners. Although there is an increasing recognition of the importance of education-business partnerships, there is little emphasis on the labour market and industry settings for these types of initiatives. There are also still several obstacles for young women and students with special learning needs who are interested in STEM careers. 


The SENSE project nr° 2018-1-CZ01-KA202-048009 (Shaping, Enhanching and Nurturing STEM in Europe) aims at several issues related to the low interest in STEM careers among young people. The Shaping, Enhancing and Nurtuting STEM in Europe is a proposal made by a strong and multiplayer partnership of Regional Authoritie governing education (including VET) on the regional level - Zlínský kraj in the Czech Rep., VET providers  - GRETB in Ireland, UTC in Italy, two enterprises with strong track record in VET and cooperation with companies – Trexima in the Czech Rep. and  SES13-19 Ltd. in the UK, a centre for teachers training and supporting young people in Romania,  and University of Cyprus bringing a great experience in the area of applying ICT tools to engage young people in STEM.  


We want to promote STEM careers amongst young people in a modern, interactive and attractive way (with special attention to girls and young women and students with special education needs), to develop and strengthen cooperation between schools and companies in order to increase the quality of VET, to support young women and students with special learning needs to follow the career in STEM fields and to reach the highest level of education possible and to upskill teachers and companies in work with talented students. 


In order to achieve these goals we plan three short-term joint staff training activities which, through observations, visits, seminars, discussions and other methods enable exchange of know-how and presentation of best practice, will contribute to up-skilling of the project target groups such as teachers, school leaders and other school staff like careers counsellors, Companies representatives, Chambers of Commerce and Professional Associations’ representatives, Local, Regional and National Authorities with competence in Education and also Members of the academic staff at the Universities. These participants will be actively involved in development and promotion of the project outputs - Training course for new STEM Supporters, Methodology for STEM Supporters, Methodology for Teachers on Interactive, Attractive and Modern Ways of Engagement Young People in STEM Education and Publication with Proven and Suitable Strategies for Talents in STEM Support and Development. All project outputs will be disseminated widely through existing promotional channels like the partners’ websites, national and local events related to STEM and VET education but ainly during the project´s Final Conference in the Czech Rep. 

 All partners committed to maintain and update the project web site when the project is finished. All materials will be produced in sufficient numbers for all partners to enable them to distribute these after the end of the project on seminars, meetings and conferences – this makes our project sustainable.

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