The project raises in the CONTEXT of the “Strategic framework – Education & Training 2020 (“ET 2020”), in particular regarding the strategic objective 1,  “.that the learning periods abroad should be the norm.”

It promotes the guidelines of the conference “Work-based Learning 2020” of the NetWBL Network, which was held in Berlin (June 2016). “Countries with a strong professional training system (VET Centre) and learning system, with strengthened apprenticeship systems, have a better performance in terms of youth employment”. The National VET Consortium promotes and uses tools of the WBL Toolkit. On a regional level it is coherent with the revision policies of professional training with the DGR n. 834 of 25.07.2016 “Integrated competence certification system and recognizing credits of the professional training” and with the “Strategic master plan for tourism 2014-2020”.

The WBL.StrategicSkills@VetTourism.EU project’s GOAL is to enhance the alternation between studying and working, in order to increase employability both on an international level and for the local touristic enterprises, which have been harmed by the economic crisis and the earthquakes, and to supply new didactic competences to the teachers regarding the handling of the WBL and to develop learning plans in English, which are already considered in the EU Development Plans.

VET.N.C. promotes mobility in the ECVET system, the 7 MoU with the Host Companies, for the 5 qualifications, of 100 learners, have already been stipulated.

VET.N.C. is divided into 5 “Training Districts”, composed by a VET Centre, an Enterprise Labour Union and a Local Administration. It will be coordinated by the Hospitality Training School of Spoleto and associates a Media Partner.

The TRANSNATIONAL NETWORK is composed by 9 Host VET Companies, located in ES, BG, UK, DE, GR, FI and CY, and by more than 45 enterprises of the hospitality branch, wine and food area, tourism, food farming and environment.

The PARTECIPANTS are 100 students from the last three school classes, 15 of them with special needs and 20 will lower opportunities coming from the marginalized Valnerina area. Among the students, there are 36 teachers/trainers/policy makers, for a training in: CLIL for the Tourism Sector, School Management and Teaching Skills for WBL. Two delegates from English companies will be invited to teach for one week in Italy the application of the didactic methodologies to the VET.N.C.


1) Realize a WBL experience for the students abroad that develops basic, technical and social strategic skills, increasing the employability in the Umbrian touristic sector affected by the crisis.

2) Develop didactic skills and methodologies of the teaching staff, useful for the development of innovative resumees in English, in line with the needs of the local enterprises.

3) Improve handling quality of local educational districts, focusing on quality and efficacy of the WBL even in an international context.

The preparatory ACTIVITIES interest all the targets: STUDENTS (and parents), TRAINERS, TUTORS and MANAGERS, and are opened too for members of the VET.N.C. The content will be: language strengthening program, professional guidance, trainings regarding the strategic competences and, finally, contractualization. 

The students MOBILITY will last 60 days and will be supervised by Italian and company tutors, it will be evaluated through the ECVET system and certified with a Europass Mobility and Supplements. The ECVET credits will be transferred on the study plan. The tutors mobility period will last 14 days and will concern the CLIL methodology and the practical application of WBL with the students, the management of the VET Centre institutes for tourism, agriculture and environment. The EVALUATION and the ENHANCEMENT will be key moments of the project, with events, interviews, reports for the evaluation phase and new mobility projects, PTOF, PdM, PdFD and PdSE.

COMMUNICATION will be given by Umbria Journal and Regional RAI-TV, in order to give visibility to the project, the website, the Sorpendo orientation, the revenue management, the life science studies, the events in the 7 destination countries and the learners Competence Videos.  TV formats will be produced in accordance to the VET.N.C.

IMPACT. The project will improve the employability of the 100 students. All students of the 5th year (22/100), within 6 months will be employed, 7/8 of them will work abroad. The project will have an important impact on the educational system, it will allow the attendance to Erasmus+ to a school network of the entire regional area and to local administrations in the educational policies. A Qualification in English will be planned and launched, in each VET Centre will be formalized a professional profile for “Mobility Coordination”, in order to recognize the enterprise consortium’s needs. The attractiveness of VET Centre will increase, as well as the total number of new students.

Below the link to the section "Erasmus+ 2018 - Instructions for use", whose purpose is to intrduce young students to what Erasmus mobility is, what are the benefits that derive from the professional and personal point of view, how to value work and school experience. 


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