Euroropejskie kompetencie zawodowe w gastronomii i hotelarstwie

The "Euroropejskie kompetencie zawodowe w gastronomii i hotelarstwie" project is aimed at 25 young people between the ages of 18 and 30 who have been unemployed for at least 2 months and are registered in the local Employment Agency in Pleszew, Ostrow Wielkop, S³ubca, Jarocin, Krotorzyn, Kepno, as well as adults looking for employment in the hotel sector. The project lasts for 17 weeks, from May to September 2015, and during this period participants will gain professional experience, improve personal skills and develop their linguistic skills. The participants are considered disadvantaged in the labour market due to the difficulty of finding a job that is appropriate for their qualifications. Work experience abroad will improve the participants’ linguistic abilities and professional skills (both technical and transversal) required for the catering and hotel sectors.

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