PSR (Rural Development Programme) Consultancy

Umbria Training Center (UTC) provides consultancy and support services for participants in announcements from the PSR of the Region of Umbria and from the GAL (Local Action Group) of the Valle Umbra and Sibillini. Our services include:

  • determining the measure that best suits the needs of the applicant
  • defining the economic and financial plan and the communication plan of the programme
  • assisting in preparing the necessary documentation
  • assisting in financial management and final reporting
  • accompanying the applicant during the phases of the administrative procedure

PSR  (Rural Development Programme)

The PSR (Rural Development Programme) is financed by the European Union (FEASR), Italian and Region of Umbria funds. It is the instrument which defines the main strategies, goals and interventions in the agricultural, agri-food and forestry sectors, aimed at sustaining the development of rural areas in Umbria, starting 2014 and up to the year 2020.

The new PSR will be effective starting 2015 and, in any case, after the decision of the European Commission. The programme makes available 876 million Euros (90 million Euros more than the previous programme) mainly for the support of agricultural enterprises, farmers and forests in Umbria. The PSR for 2014-2020 also supports initiatives from public bodies and small and medium sized business, training and consultancy associations and public-private partnerships for community-led local development (CLLD).

The PSR consists of 19 measures (in turn divided into further sub-measures) for which public tenders for the granting of financial contributions will be issued. Currently the measures consist of:

M 1   Transfer of knowledge and information

M 2   Consultancy, replacement and support services in the management of agricultural enterprises

M 3   Quality schemes for agricultural products and foodstuffs

M 4   Investments in tangible fixed assets

M 5  Restoring agricultural productive potential damaged by natural disasters and by catastrophic events and introducing adequate preventive measures

M 6   Developing agricultural enterprises and businesses

M 7   Basic services and renovation of villages in rural areas

M 8 Investments for the development of forestry areas and for the improvement of forest profitability

M 10 Agro-climatic-environmental payments

M 11 Organic farming

M 12 Indennità Natura 2000 (Nature 2000 Indemnity) and indemnities tied to the water framework directive

M 13 Indemnity for areas facing natural constraints or other specific constraints

M 14 Animal welfare

M 15 Silvo-climatic-environmental services and forest preservation

M 16 Cooperation

M 19 Support of local development LEADER (SLTP – Sviluppo Locale di Tipo Partecipativo) (Community-Led Local Development)

M 20 Technical support in the Member States

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