Umbria Training Center is a non-profit cultural association founded in 1994 by a team of experts in tourism, vocational training, local sustainable development and human resources managementUTC provides consultancy services to public and private entities who want to develop community programmes centred around territorial governance innovation, sustainable rural development policies, issues of tourism, social integration and the creation of comfortable and accessible destinations. These goals can be achieved by promoting and implementing studies, research, professional training, cultural exchanges, social activities, integrated local development projects, social activities, meetings, conferences and publications.
Umbria Training, in addition to consultancy and programming, provides its clients with a wide range of services that can meet their needs, as well as with the activities necessary to reach their strategic goals.

We are able to create, program and manage, together with our clients, the territorial development programmes and plans with the help of regional, national and European financial resources.

Our strength lies in our knowledge of the territory, our ability to predict its necessities, and our capacity to transform needs into ideas and opportunities for development.
Our goal is to provide targeted and systemic consulting that can generate a network of skills, relations, resources and solutions to support local bodies, non-profit organizations and businesses.

The European Management Project is involved in: 

  •  Developing and managing projects financed by the European Union
  •  Building and managing international partnerships
  •  Financial management and final reporting
  •  Monitoring and assessing projects and processes

Training involves:

  • On-the-job training for the development of programmes
  • Workshops on planning methods and techniques
  • Training on specific issues
  • Regional catalogue

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